This Year’s Thanksgiving Menu

So I’m crazy. Like, really crazy. On top of my full time job, and all sorts of other commitments, I’m also planning a really outrageous menu for Thanksgiving vacation. This year we’re going to a cabin in Ohio with my father’s side of the family. This means that not only am I preparing for my Thanksgiving dinner, but also for all the meals, snacks, and food gifts for all 5 days of our mini break.

So here is the crazy menu I’m planning… As I add the recipes I’ll link them back up so you can be crazy like me … or you know, choose in moderation 🙂

Wednesday: 6 Hour Car Ride & Dinner with the family

Thursday: The BIG Day

Friday: Erev Shabbos

  • Aunt Jill’s Cinnamon Rolls in the CROCK POT (Seriously AMAZING!!!!!!)- I prepared all the dry ingredients in one ziplock so all I had to do was add the wet ingredients and roll them out!
  • Fancy cheese, wine, jam & crackers
  • Challah, olive dip, pesto, lox, curry chicken soup (from the freezer because, somethings just have to be easy and that soup is seriously just that amazing)

Saturday: Shabbos

  • Leftover cinnamon rolls
  • Salad, meatloaf (from the freezer, because, again, some things just have to be easy), dips, lox etc
  • Motzei Shabbos TACOS
  • Motzei Shabbos… smores – this time with regular paskesz  marshmallows because Trader Joe’s no longer has the kosher ones from this summer! 😦

Sunday: The car ride home

  • Leftovers…
  • Leftovers…
  • Jar salad?


So on top of all this… my family does food gifts for channukah and this year I’ve decided to candied pecans & toasted coconut chocolate bark as well as some supper great foodie Shay’s Caramels…


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