Tips & Tricks: Freeze Everything!

Okay… so maybe not everything, but there are many surprising things that you can freeze that make going home that much easier! Keeping a well stocked freezer can make cooking in a non-kosher kitchen a bit easier. If your family is okay with it, keep a few key things in your home freezer. If freezer space is already limited, freeze ingredients before you go home and then use them when you get there. In a suitcase many frozen meats will stay frozen for even 6-7 hours! When I am traveling with frozen meats/other ingredients I also try to pack them with an extra freezer pack just to be sure it will stay food safe when I get home 🙂


Here’s the short list of the things that surprised me…

  • Raw dough… think challah dough, cookie dough, pizza dough…skys the limit!
    • Some things to keep in mind:
      • braid challah dough before freezing, when you defrost follow similar directions to store bought frozen challah dough
      • spoon your cookie dough out on a flat tray and freeze overnight. Then you can throw your raw dough in a ziplock bag until you are ready to throw them in the oven… or eat them raw… no judgement
      • Dough in general… be sure to wrap it really well… dough freezes well but it can still get freezer burn so wrap that thing up!
  • Cheese… I wouldn’t recommend freezing all cheeses but, I haven’t met a shredded cheese that doesn’t freeze fantastically. I’ve even frozen fresh mozzarella (I know it ironic)! Freezing cheese is perfect because it can last up to a year… or possibly longer without going bad! This is especially helpful when getting kosher cheese to your family’s house isn’t the easiest, so you can stock up and keep that freezer packed!
  • Meat… this one is pretty obvious but here are some things to keep in mind…
    • Raw meat can only be frozen once… if you bought it frozen, keep it frozen. If you bought it fresh, freeze within 3-4 days for maximum freshness. When you are ready to use it defrost it (or don’t depending on your recipe) and enjoy!
    • Cooked meat… after meat has been cooked you can freeze the extras for easy meals that just need to be heated up. Be sure to wrap it well.. I generally try to eat cooked meats within 3 months
  • Soup! Soups generally freeze well and when you leave it in the fridge overnight, it’s ready to heat up quickly the next day!
  • Extra ingredients that are likely to go bad before you get a chance to use them… Think, ground fresh ginger, garlic, cooking wine, egg whites… you name it!

What not to freeze…

  • Cooked potatoes… I’m sure there are other things that are not good for freezing… but this is all that comes to mind 🙂

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