National S’mores Day


Happy Belated National S’mores day! Apparently it was yesterday, August 10th 2016! Well in honor of National S’mores Day, what would be better than having great, gooey, sweet, chocolaty kosher s’mores…

One of the lesser known kosher problem products is marshmallows. Most marshmallows are made with geletin, specifically pork gelatin and are not kosher. There are kosher marshmallows out there, but many leave what to be desired… Enter, Trader Joes!

I’m not sure when these came in to my local TJ’s but I’m certainly happy they did. They look like they are falling apart in the bag, and they are a bit delicate and very sticky, but they are soft and gooey and when toasted over an open flame, they help make really great s’mores!

Pair these marshmellows with your favorite graham cracker (I love the cinnamon ones) and use the Enjoy Life Brand mini chocolate chips to finish off the treat!


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