The Fake-Out Box Mac & Cheese You’ve been missing…times 3!

So if you are like me, box mac and cheese was pretty much the best thing ever. I actually distinctly remember the first time I had kraft macaroni & cheese at a friends house- I promptly went home and insisted my parents make this incredible culinary treat…

Well, when I became frum I traded my blue box blues for some super fun “Wacky Mac,” but when I started keeping Cholov Yisroel I was out of luck, until I discovered…

Fake Mac & Cheese #1: Pretty Much Made From Scratch



  • Preferred pasta of your choice
  • Cheese Product Singles (Natural & Kosher is my fav)
  • Shredded cheese of your choice (Again, Natural & Kosher, also-I go for the Mexican blend or the Chef’s)


Cook and drain the pasta. While the pasta is cooking, open 2 slices of cheese product singles and let them get to room temperature. (Yeah, it’s pretty fake, but it’s also pretty creamy so… yeah). Put 1/2 a serving of the hot, cooked pasta in your bowl and put the first layer of cheese product on top. Add the rest of the serving of pasta on top and layer the second slice of cheese product. Hopefully you acted fast, so the hot pasta melted the  cheese product and you’ve got some cheesy, gooey goodness. Now to seal the deal, add a handful of your favorite shredded cheese and mix it in. The creaminess of the sliced cheese balanced with the real shredded cheese adds a great texture and saltiness…

Basically, this stuff is pretty good. It’s no blue box, (truthfully, its more like real mac & cheese and when you want blue box, you just don’t really want real mac & cheese, you want the processed goodness that is easy mac) but it’ll do the trick, and for a while, it was all I had. Then about a year ago I came across something pretty special…


Fake Mac & Cheese #2: Daiya!


Daiya is a parve, vegan ‘cheese’ brand and they cater to the food sensitive so if you are gluten free, then this is definitely for you. This box of instant mac & cheese is more similar to the velveeta version that came with a pouch of creamy cheese product. The gluten free pasta in this product is actually pretty good.  One nice thing about this is all you need to do is cook the pasta, no need to add any milk/butter etc. The thing is, velveeta was never really my thing, so while this is pretty good, it’s not the mac & cheese I crave. That brings us to…


Fake Mac & Cheese #3: Earth Balance! (Finally!)


THIS IS IT! This is the mac & cheese I’ve dreamed of for the last 7+ years. It’s just like Kraft mac & cheese, it’s got a powdered ‘cheese’ pack, the pasta is the same size/shape as Kraft, and if you buy the white cheddar version it’s even in A BLUE BOX!!! As you can see, this food find has made me pretty happy. I’m not sure why fake out mac & cheese this good took so long to be made kosher & parve (it’s not like kraft’s version has anything real in it), but now that it’s here, I’m overjoyed, and you will be too 🙂 All you need to enjoy this delicacy is some sort of milk or non-dairy milk and some butter, or earth balance. Depending how you make it, this could even be parve!

I’d like to dedicate this post to my dear friend Shay Shay who I love for many reasons, but right now, mostly just because she is the one who told me about the Earth Balance Mac & Cheese of my dreams.



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