Wine & Cheese Foodie Food Find!

wine and cheese.jpg

Growing up, good food was valued in my family. Everyone loves to show off their latest food finds and recipes, but I think my family takes it to another level. Now that I keep kosher, big family gatherings feel different. While my family has been incredibly accepting of the choices I have made, I do feel left out when they can all enjoy some amazing food that I can’t. That’s why I always try to add my own dishes and food finds to our family gatherings. That way I have something to eat, and my family and I have one more thing to gather around together. Becoming frum can make people feel isolated from those they care the most about, finding easy ways to reconnect and share common values can help you hold on tightly to the ones you love.

While I love to cook, when we have these big family gatherings I get busy just planning my own food let alone finding things to bring to share with my family. That was why I was so excited to see this cheese set sold by Natural & Kosher. I found it at my local kosher grocery store, and while I can pick out my own fancy cheese to share with family, the nice thing about this cheese set, is that it provides wine recommendations. It was great because in one store I was able to get the cheese set and pick out at least one wine for each cheese based on the label recommendations. When I met up with my family, I sliced and plated the cheese with some tart green apple slices. We opened the wine and had lots of fun trying to decide which wines went best with which of the three cheeses ( I kept it a surprise). It was a really fun afternoon & a great time with family!




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