The Wonders of Ziplock

d6971c49-275a-463a-8d96-a67825a44a22.jpgKeeping kosher in a less than kosher kitchen can have it’s challenges. That’s why I LOVE this trick. If you are low on bowls wherever you are, bring a pack of ziplock bags for all your mixing, containing, and prep needs! Sure everyone uses ziplock bags for marinating and thats really great, but have you ever thought of making cookie dough in a bag? Or preparing a salad in a bag? If I am visiting a friend or family member and I want to mix something I’ll open a ziplock bag and rest it over a bowl to have a sturdy container and because it’s in a ziplock there is no kashrus issue! Not to mention you can keep whatever you are making or mixing in the bag to store 🙂



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