My first courageous conversation

It was the end of my Junior year of college and it was the first day of our annual family vacation. It was also the day I decided to start keeping kosher. I woke up that morning like any other. I had been thinking about kashrus more and more. Keeping a ‘kosher style’ apartment with my roommate had opened my eyes to how easy keeping kosher could be. So on the first day of our vacation, with no food, and no plan, I decided to ‘take the plunge,’ I was going to start being more particular about kosher.

We drove for 6 hours before anyone in the car found out about my new decision. We stopped off at a fast food restaurant. I stared at all the options trying to decide what to say, what to do. My father saw how I deliberated over what should have been an easy decision. I just couldn’t eat anything there. My father was flabbergasted and fully confused, “What is it? I will buy you whatever you want, just tell me.” I looked down, I couldn’t meet his eyes. I mumbled, “um, well you see, the thing is… I decided to keep kosher.” There. I said it. Whew. I could breath again… but my family, well that’s another story. Truth is, my family is amazing. They drove around and around until I found something I could actually eat. That vacation was weird, but it set the tone for all that would come. I would spring something on my parents, they would swallow their pride, and we would make it work.

This cookbook & blog is dedicated to my parents and sister, who no matter what, have always been there supporting me each and every step of the way. Not only is this cookbook dedicated to them, but its also inspired by them and all that they taught me about coming home kosher, to a not so kosher kitchen, and maintaining and strengthening the ties I have with my loved ones. Mom, Dad, Caryn, this is for you.



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