Butternut Squash “Ricotta”


I live in a suburb in Maryland where our grocery stores have lots of basic kosher products, but you have to get to a kosher grocery to get some of the ‘frills’ like ricotta. Being the foodie that I am, I decided to play around with tofu and feta and see what happened. Kosher feta is in most of our local groceries and Trader Joes even has a Cholov Yisroel feta from Israel! Then I thought… what if I add roasted butternut squash… Now this is a staple I use in lots of recipes including super decadent quesadillas, and homemade ravioli! Those recipes will be posted soon, but let’s start with one of my favorite bases…


  • Butternut Squash- Harris Teeter sells one that is cut up and kosher certified!
  • 1 Container of Tofu
  • 7 oz Feta
  • Oil – I used canola
  • Salt


Roast the butternut squash with some oil and a dash of salt at 400*F for 30 minutes- until soft. Let cool then transfer to a bowl. Drain both the feta and tofu then crumble over the roasted butternut squash. Use an immersion blender or mash with your hands until fully mixed.

Eat as is, or stay tuned for my foodie quesadilla recipe or homemade ravioli!


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